By: Bill McAllister

On Thursday’s Stoney and Bill Show, we gave away a $250 spa gift card from Visions Spa Salon in Novi. We as guys don’t always remember those important dates throughout the year. You know, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, Anniversary’s, etc. Ask us when the McCarty/Lemieux fight was and all of the sudden we’re Kreskin… (Are you kidding me? March 26th, 1997…please!). So thankfully, Visions Spa Salon is doing the work for us and one lady listener is going to have a very relaxing Mother’s day.

We asked our lady listeners to call in and read one verse from a nursery rhyme in their sexiest voice, a la ‘Sara Makes It Dirty’. Some ladies used creative license and changed the words ever so slightly. Some moms clearly have some pent up hostility and let it all out in their reading. Listener Delana won, but the biggest highlight of the contest was when Shelly’s phone didn’t work, or so she thought.

Happy Mother’s Day, Shelly!


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