Holly Sonders, Michigan State University grad, host of “Morning Drive,” on the Golf Channel, and Golf Digest cover girl, talked to 97.1 The Ticket Friday about her own  career — and the Players Championship.

“Awesome, it’s great,” Sonders said about her Golf Digest cover, adding she’s one of the few women to be on the cover alone. “It’s so prestigious, I’m so honored … To come out during Masters Week was just an unbelievable honor to me, I’m so proud.”

An accomplished college golfer herself, Sonders posted impressive numbers in the PGA Pro-Am Tour. What drove the lissome beauty to TV? “I got hurt,” she said about a bad college knee injury that left her unable to play at her former level.

But she does know golf. So, how does she think Tiger Woods will finish in the Players Championship? “I think he’ll probably win, he’s ready,” Sonders said, “For Tiger, it’s just finally his time.”

She added Tiger’s swing is as good as it’s ever been and he seems healthy, both mentally and physically.


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