DETROIT (WWJ) A  66-year-old guard from Sterling Security was shot and killed Friday in his vehicle behind Burman & Zuckerbrod Ophthalmology Associates, 14400 West McNichols, in Detroit.

Witness Darrell Peoples said he heard two or three shots, then heard someone speed away.

“I saw the guard, the gentleman, I saw his car door open, both feet were on the ground, his body was slumped across the front seat,” Peoples said.

Police said words were exchanged between the shooter and security guard, before the suspect opened fire.

Neighbor Yvonne Negron said the incident casts a pall over the entire area, saying, “It’s very scary, very scary, you just never know who’s going to approach you, you never know.”

Another neighbor said the security guard was well-known around the area.

“The security guard, he was a nice old man, he’s always in that car out there, he’s a nice old man, waved to me and my kids every day,” Jackie Brown said. “He just sat there and read books, made sure they didn’t steal out of those cars back there.”

The motive for the shooting is unknown; A police investigation is ongoing.

Officers are asking anyone with information to call Crimestoppers at 1-800-Speak-Up.


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