By: Jeff Riger

It was no secret that fans came to Comerica park over the weekend for two reasons. The first was to see the Tigers take on the new look, impressive Indians. And, the second was to boo the former Tiger Ryan Raburn. Raburn only played in one game of the series and he was even yanked in the 9th inning when he had a chance to hit against Jose Valverde, but he still got a reaction. Every time Raburn was announced, he received a hefty amount of boo’s, something that no doubt everybody expected.

Below are some of the more interesting quotes from Tiger’s skipper Jim Leyland about one of his favorite players coming back to town.

Were you surprised at the reaction that Ryan Raburn got?

“Well I thought it was kind of mixed, wasn’t it? I didn’t really think it was brutal or anything, I thought it wasn’t really bad at all. People probably read his comments so I don’t think anybody really got vicious.”

Leyland firmly believes that a lot of Tiger fans still respect and cheer for Raburn.

“If you were a Tiger then you are a Tiger, a lot of people are pretty good about stuff like this, I think anyway. I’m sure some of those people remember the pinch hit home run he hit off of Kevin Gregg to win a game in the 9th inning. Some people remember the good things too.”

Leyland believed Raburn was a hard working player and for that alone, fans should have liked him.

“Tiger fans, they like their players, I think for the most part what I said is right on the button. I think for most of the time, fans in general anywhere, if a guy gives them an effort and busts his tail and doesn’t say stupid things, for the most part I think they are very good to him.”


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