DETROIT (WWJ) – Nuns are changing the lives of some public school children in Detroit by volunteering their time.

Laura Bonnell tells us about a free tutoring program they hope to expand.

Sister Alice Baker, with the help of other volunteers, has set up a tutoring program at Ephiphany Education Center on Detroit’s east side on Connor street.

“We know that the schools have been closed or merged, we know that children on a grade school level need that extra support and that’s what we are trying to do is help them feel secure and know that they can achieve,” said Sister Baker.

Danielle Green is now in eighth grade but started with tutoring help in the fifth grade:

Success stories.

Success stories.

“It makes me feel more happy, I feel more stronger and I’m able to answer questions better now so that when the teacher asks a question – I just raise my hand,” Green said.

Greens grandmother Carol says she sees the difference:

“She has a different attitude, she has more confidence.”

When William Anderson first arrived at the Ephiphany Education Center,  he had a lot of trouble reading.

“Very powerful, you learn new things, you work hard,” he said.

Anderson’s father, Detroit police Sgt. Bill Anderson says this is a powerful program:

“He’s become quite an accomplished reader, he’s still struggling a little bit but he is confident that he can do anything now. And that’s the most important thing for me that he believes in himself,” said Anderson’s father.

Sister Alice Baker says success comes to those who give it their all: “If children are really wanting to come and will be consistent there will be change, there will be growth,” she stressed.

Sister Alice, along with the other nuns who volunteer are always looking for more help with their tutoring program; any licensed teacher that wants to volunteer can call 313.267.1830 or get more information – HERE.


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