With the rapidly changing world of today’s workforce, some of the most exciting and cutting-edge careers are those in information technology. With technology constantly advancing behind all of our modern equipment from everything work related to relaxation activities, many individuals are setting their educational goals on earning a degree in the massive and evolving I.T. field.

While the majority of these folks will be awarded bachelor’s degrees from universities, advanced degrees and certificates can help those who earn them stand out even further in a widening employment landscape.

Dana Blouin is a network engineer located southeast of Detroit along Lake Erie. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Fort Hays State University and his graduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Network Engineer Dana Blouin (photo courtesy of Dana Blouin)

Network Engineer Dana Blouin (photo courtesy of Dana Blouin)

What is one aspect of your education that has directly fueled your career?

“For me, there were a lot of things. When you are working on an I.T. degree, you learn a little bit about a lot of different technology platforms. I think that basic exposure gives you a great foundation to build on. Also, another thing you learn throughout your degree program is to approach problems from a very technical and detail-oriented point of view. I think that skill in itself is invaluable in the job market.”

After graduation, how difficult was it to transition to the professional world?

“I was very fortunate and I got a job right after graduation. I was already working in the telecommunications industry and was offered a network engineer job right after school. I was able to make the transition from being a technician to an engineer fairly easy, although there was a lot of on-the-job learning to get up to speed.”

How critical is education to land a great job within I.T.?

“Information technology is a field that you can break into without an education, but I think for higher-level jobs, education really makes a difference in helping you advance. In I.T., there are a lot of certification options that someone can pursue as a way to supplement their education and help build their resume. You always have to be learning and improving your skills because technology is constantly evolving, so even if you have a degree, your education doesn’t stop there.”

Michael Ferro is freelance writer and a graduate of Michigan State University where he majored in Creative Writing and received the Jim Cash Creative Writing Award. Born and bred in Detroit, he currently resides in Ypsilanti Township. Additional writing can be found at Examiner.com.


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