DETROIT (WWJ) – Journalist and political analyst, Cliff Russell says Mayor Bing would have likely lost a re-election bid. He says the changes under the Bing administration have been groundbreaking and controversial . . . and angered a lot of Detroiters.

“There are a lot of people who feel voting rights have been abrogated, and that elected officials including himself were nullified under his watch,” said Russell. ” And there are others who say it was time for something to happen – so it’s very controversial … and the Detroit we have now is far from anything we have seen in the past.”

“I think a lot of what you heard him try to do and saw him try to do as the mayor of Detroit, he would try to do within Wayne County Government. Frankly, I think a lot of the people who supported him wanted him to be mayor of Detroit initially have some similar concerns and designs on Wayne County,” said Russell.

Russell says if Bing decides to run for County Executive, he would face challenges because many of the same people who do not support him as mayor would also not support him as county executive.
Dave Bing Opts Out Of Mayor’s Race, Says He ‘Prepared Runway’ For Next Administration


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