By Terri Lee Sylvester

SOMEWHERE IN SPACE (WWJ) – Get ready Trekkies: Since there hasn’t been a new Star Trek film since 2009, “Star Trek Into Darkness” will help you get your groove on! In this latest adventure, the officers of the U.S.S. Enterprise find themselves on a journey where they must decide who – within their own ranks – can be trusted and who can’t. And ultimately, it’s up to Captain Kirk to make some difficult heart-wrenching decisions that put his life – and the lives of his crew – at risk.

The action in “Star Trek Into Darkness” gets underway immediately. So, make sure you’re not standing in line waiting for popcorn when the movie starts. Which means, since 93% of advance ticket buyers telling Fandango they plan to see the movie opening weekend, you’ll want to get there early to get your snacks and a good seat.

In “Star Trek Into Darkness,” Captain Kirk finds himself in trouble with Star Fleet. As Spock so aptly points out, Kirk breaks one of Star Fleet’s cardinal rules during a mission – and when Spock includes that information in his report of the incident – Kirk must answer for his actions. Trekkies will already know that this upsets Kirk, which in turn, upsets the relationship between the two. But, this is just the beginning of Kirk’s problems. As events unfold, Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Sulu, etc. find themselves not only going up against their enemy, The Klingons, but an even deadlier enemy as well.

I give “Star Trek Into Darkness” an “A” for action – and plenty of it.

Click here for the official website and trailer.

See you at the movies!

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