By: Mike “Stoney” Stone

Did you hear the news? Drew and Mike are leaving WRIF after entertaining metro Detroiters for over 20 years on their morning commute. Of course you heard the news, the story was everywhere. You could not pick up a paper or turn on local television news broadcast without seeing something about their departure. And you know what, it was not overkill.

Drew and Mike are institutions in the same way JP McCarthy and Dick Purtan were before them.

Drew and Mike allowed many of us to push the envelope on the air, but nobody locally could do it with the regularity and hilarity that they could. They influenced many of today’s radio personalities including my partner on the Stoney and Bill show, Bill McAllister who said,”Drew and Mike were a part of my mornings until I started working in morning radio. They influenced my approach to radio.”

Personally I will never forget their generosity during the Stoney and Wojo Leukemia Radiothons. They actually would call our show to simulcast them making a bid or donating an item. It was a selfless act that usually does not happen in this competitive field.

We also shared some heartbreak together. The death of Tom Kowalski a few years ago rocked all of us as he was both a contributor to our shows and a friend. And then the loss of good friend and agent Mike Novak this January is something we are still dealing with. I can’t imagine Drew and Mike going through this work change without Novak.

Where they will end up is anyone’s guess. All I know is Detroit morning radio is worse off without them. Good luck guys wherever you land and Drew I know I will have SHOTSKI with you at Matt Riley’s Little Big House tailgate this fall. Bottoms up!


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