NOVI (WWJ) – Some may think it’s a nerd convention, but to others, the Comic Con in Novi is nirvana.

If you remember the Hardy Boys, Baywatch and Melrose Place – actor Parker Stevenson was on all of those shows and is part of the weekend event signing autographs for fans.

WWJ’s Beth Fisher found out what the star and former teen heartthrob has been up to most recently:

“Different things, I’m a (still) photographer, I just had a book cover and an album cover and I have my own shows,” said Stevenson. ” I do voice-overs and act … and I’ve been raising my kids.”

Those kids are now 18 and 20. Stevenson said he loves meeting the fans, seeing folks dressed in costumes and is part of the weekend event.

A couple of the stars from Revenge of the Nerds and now the game show King of the Nerds are there all weekend including Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine.

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Armstrong is from Berkley originally – he tells WWJ that they are getting ready for season two of the game show Looking For Nerds.

“It’s kind of like pornography … you can’t define it but you know it when you see it,” said Armstrong. “It’s that kind of thing, you know, some nerds have very focused passions about comic books … or science or whatever.”

Stan Lee will be at Motor City Comic Con on Saturday and Armstrong is scheduled through the weekend.


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