Michigan Footballs Carry Anti-Ohio Message

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(Photo:Bo Dever/ Instagram)

(Photo:Bo Dever/ Instagram)

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Plenty of stuff is made in Ohio, including cars, wheat, rubber and coal. It’s also the state that offers endless miles of road that travelers have to navigate on their way to more interesting places.

But there’s one thing Ohio doesn’t make: University of Michigan footballs.

Wide receiver Bo Dever posted an Instagram picture of the team’s new footballs, which notably say, “Made in USA/Not in Ohio.”

Adidas makes the footballs, but there’s no word yet on what prompted the message.

“I don’t think it’s a low blow, it’s just a football, it doesn’t matter,” said Kevin Allport, a staffer at MDen in Ann Arbor.

Are fans worried Ohio will counter with something of their own?

“If they do it’s all talk, we’ll prove it on the field,” Allport said.

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