DETROIT (97.1 The Ticket) I got into a Facebook discussion about the Oklahoma tragedy and believe it or not some people thought the coverage was over the top because the media focused on deaths of the school children.

One guy said if there were 40 adults dead the media would gloss over it and move on.

What is the difference? Human life is human life. He does make a point, but I disagree. It is terrible that 51 adults and children are dead.

But your hearts go out more for the children. We are here to protect young life and when we can’t it devastates a community even more.
An adult is to never bury their children. It is supposed to be the other way around.

When this tornado ripped through Oklahoma I thought of my own children Celine and Brandon. What if they were in the rubble? How would I feel? It would take the police from keeping me from trying to save them.

These kids in Oklahoma are young faces that have not witnessed life. They never went to their prom. They never got married. They never found love and they never hung out with the boys on a Friday night. They never got to experience life and forgive me for shedding an extra tear for them.

To our credit we mourned the Oklahoma City bombing. We mourned Boston. So it is not just about children.

It is mostly about human life. But it aches just a little bit more when it is our children.


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