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How to make age less of an issue

Many people are concerned about being discriminated for age in the workplace.  While I have heard stories about this, my experience is that employers are hiring for skills and experiences.  If you have the right ones, and demonstrate a cultural fit, age isn’t going to be an issue.

If you are worried about your age, I have a few tips to pass along:

1. Look technically savvy.  Being able to demonstrate connectivity to the latest and greatest gadgets and social media shows that you are up to date technically.  If you are interviewing at a high tech company, feel free to bring a tablet to the interview for taking notes, make a point to silence your state of the art cell phone, have an updated LinkedIn profile, and make a few references to your Twitter account and refer to the latest social media site to be acquired by Google to demonstrate that you are still learning and taking advantage of technology, no matter your age.

2. Consider a makeover.  Have you changed hairstyles in the last 10 years?  Are you dressing more casual if it is a high tech startup?  Do you have trendy shoes and jewelry?  Feeling good about your appearance will help radiate the self confidence to help you shine in an interview.

How to use LinkedIn

Get to know this incredible resource inside and out.  If you are looking for a job, don’t try to hide that fact.  Have a description that indicates you are seeking new opportunities, like “High tech marketing guru”.  Many people have told me that they were contacted by recruiters on LinkedIn after updating their profiles with a nearly full resume and recommendations.

You can use LinkedIn to look at jobs, and to connect with people at your target companies.  You can also join community forums for job seekers and interest groups.

About the author:  Amy Cell is currently the Senior VP of Talent Enhancement at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.  She has over 10 years of HR and recruiting experience and has worked with hundreds of job seekers over the past 7 years at MEDC and Ann Arbor SPARK.  She has also experienced numerous career transitions herself and loves to help jobseekers connect with great opportunities.  Here is a summary of her tips that she has honed over the years from personal experience.  If you are looking for great talent or a great opportunity, be sure to visit Questions for Amy can be sent to her via email.

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