By a) Mike Stone

By: Mike Stone


I have had disdain for the Miami Heat for almost 20 years. Yes, my hate for the Heat goes back to the days where Alonzo Mourning used to do his muscle pose after dunking on a hapless Piston. The loathing continued in the early years of the millennium with the diva behavior of one Dwyane Wade. Then with the addition of LeBron James my Heat hate became out of control.

Bill McAllister could not understand why I wasted so much time and energy being bothered by an NBA team. Well, now Bill has moved over to the right side of the tracks. You see, my radio partner has this disdain for the talents or lack thereof for Pitbull the entertainer. And,now the Heat have parlayed with Pitbull to make one of his songs their playoff theme. Check out this video and you too can join myself and Bill in hating the Heat.


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