By Zohaib Qizilbash

Looking to host some family and friends over the Memorial Day weekend, but have no idea what to cook? Have no fear, the Web is here to help.

Websites like The Food Network offer long lists of holiday food and drink recipes to get you through hosting duties. Recipes include picnic-ready sides and salads, backyard burger recipes and Memorial Day drink recipes like the Arnold Palmer sangria.

Go ahead and have at it! Just make sure to wipe the drool away after looking at all the deliciousness.

Get recipes HERE.

• Drink like a “Mad Man’

We’ve all heard of the hit television show, “Mad Men.” It’s a timeless show that takes us back to the 60’s and shows us how we once were. One of the main staples of the show is the countless drinks that are consumed by the show’s stars. From an ‘Old Fashioned’ to a ‘Manhattan,’ this blog from Bon Appetit has the list of the drinks that are featured on the show. Go ahead and take a blast to the past with the recipe HERE.


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