The Kings Of Baseball Photobombing

By: Sara

You may not have had a reason to follow the baseball team for the University of Cincinnati before, but now you do. They have taken the art of post-game interview photobombing/videobombing to a whole new level. It started with a simple walk-by and a grin, but with each game they kicked it up a notch. Everything from a full on jousting match to teammates holding each other up so they can swim through the air. The players being interviewed? Totally straight faced and oblivious.

I love the teammate that was treated like royalty as the other guys fanned him. But my real favorite (because it was so simple) was the guy hanging from a pole like he was a freshly killed animal on his way to the fire pit. Hats off to Bearcat Baseball! They may have a had a losing season, but they kept their sense of humor.

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