By Mike Campbell
(credit: Mike Campbell/WWJ)

(credit: Mike Campbell/WWJ)

ST. CLAIR SHORES (WWJ) – A group of Canada geese has invaded U.S. soil– and some Macomb County residents aren’t thrilled about it.

St. Clair Shores residents and visitors have been complaining to city leaders about gaggles of geese moving into recreational facilities along Lake St. Clair for the season.

At a recent city council meeting, acting City Manager Mike Smith said it’s not really the birds that are the problem: “It’s what they’re leaving us — that’s the issue.”

St. Clair Shores officials have tried using dogs in their effort to scare away the birds. But, according to a report in the Macomb Daily, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources cautioned against it after some resident complained the practice was inhumane — especially with so many goslings around.

(credit: Mike Campbell/WWJ)

(credit: Mike Campbell/WWJ)

The city has erected a 3-foot-tall temporary fence on the Blossom Heath beachfront, which is no longer used for public swimming due to water contamination.  But the birds have also been spotted by the dozens at nearby Wahby Park.

Local resident Bill Conaway says he doesn’t think any of these efforts will make much difference.

“When they roost, they roost back over there where that old beach is. That’s where they lay their eggs,” Conaway told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Mike Campbell. “[A fence] ain’t gonna work — they fly!”

Conaway said he understand that his neighbors think there are too many geese, and they’re messy, but he’s not as worried about it.

“How do you keep them out of here? I mean, they’re beautiful to watch … and the way the flap on the water with those flat feet when they’re talking off — they’re amazing,” Conaway said.

Meantime, the city’s efforts to clean up after the geese continue.

(credit: Mike Campbell/WWJ)

(credit: Mike Campbell/WWJ)

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