By: Jeff Riger

Were you one of the many Detroiters who were sickened to see former Tiger Brandon Inge wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux jersey earlier in the week? Inge, who is a big hockey fan, donned the jersey to support the Penguins who are preparing to play in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Bruins later this week.

“It’s the thing that we were doing in Pittsburgh” Inge said. “I love how teams always support their local teams, whether it is New York, Chicago or wherever it is.”

Predictably, a lot of Detroit fans were outraged that Inge; a guy who still lives in the area would have the audacity to wear the yellow and black instead of the red and white. Well, if it makes you feel any better, he attended game 6 of the Wings-Blackhawks series and he was wearing a Jordin Tootoo jersey. “I kind of snuck in there, I wasn’t trying to broadcast it, I was just trying to show my support for my team. It was fun to watch them, I’m a huge fan of hockey, especially the Red Wings” Inge said.

Inge admits that if the Penguins and Wings were to meet in the Stanley Cup finals then he would have to wear all red. “You got to draw the line somewhere, one year in Pittsburgh or ten or eleven or whatever it was years in Detroit. See. Maybe I’ll wear 1 percent Penguins and 90 percent Red Wings.”

As to how Inge feels about Detroit fans getting upset because he was wearing Pittsburgh colors? “Thats fans being fans man!”


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