By: Tom Millikan

Tonight the Red Wings take on the Blackhawks in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals. You know all the clichés by now. We’re Game 7 experts here in Detroit.


Do you like Game 7’s? I do. And I like them when my team plays in them. I love watching my team play with all the pressure on the line. Watching your team win a Game 7 is one of the ultimate gifts sports can give you. However, watching your team lose Game 7 is about as heart-wrenching as it gets.


Three horrific Game 7 losses in Detroit sports history have really taught me a great lesson in life. Those three Game 7’s were:


  • 1987 NBA Eastern Conference Finals: Pistons lose to the Celtics
  • 1988 NBA Finals: Pistons lose to the Lakers in the NBA
  • 2009 Stanley Cup Finals: The Red Wings lose to the Penguins


The lesson was that sometimes you just don’t win. You put your heart in soul into everything you do, but sometimes you’re just second best. You’re a loser on the scoreboard, but you’re a winner in life.


Game 7’s should be celebrated, not feared. How is our team going to react when all the chips are on the table?


On this morning of a Game 7, I ask you to reflect. What is your most memorable Game 7 in Detroit sports history? Was it a win or was it a loss? I’ll give you mine. It was the 1990 NBA Eastern Conference Finals vs. the Bulls. The Pistons beat Jordan and the Bulls one more time. They made Michael wait one more year. The Pistons went on to win their second consecutive NBA Championship.


There are so many to choose from. Not to offend the 1968 Tigers, but I wasn’t old enough to experience the Game 7 win over the St. Louis Cardinals in 1968. I’ll bet that ranks high in our poll below. Please vote and enjoy tonight’s game win or lose.


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