DETROIT (WWJ) – Most Metro Detroit motorists hitting the road this weekend have probably noticed that gas prices jumped on average about 30-cents per gallon overnight.


AAA Michigan spokesperson Nancy Cain told WWJ Newsradio 950 that it appears to be an issue at one of the oil refineries.

“You know the midwest – we’ve been plagued with a lot of refinery problems,” said Cain. “Whether it’s the BP … facility in Indiana or the Exxon Mobile Joilet refinery in Illinois and we’ve had other problems too … it appears it is a refinery problem somewhere, somewhere there is a supply issue.

Cain added that refineries are competitive and generally don’t like to reveal the details of any problems.

At a Warren Marathon station along Ryan near Chicago Road, patrons used to finding some of the cheapest price in Metro Detroit were shocked to see $4.11 a gallon for regular, cash only — and a whopping $4.15 for those paying with credit.

WWJ got a call from a listener who’d just filled up at a Meijer Gas station Saturday afternoon. There, he reported the price had jumped from $3.85 to $4.15 a gallon, just like that.

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