By: Evan Jankens

Since I first saw Tiger Woods play in the US Amateur in 1994, I was hooked on golf. Now I have been playing for 18 years, and to be honest I may have gotten worse than I was when I started.

What to do? Head to Fox Hills Golf Course in Plymouth, which may be the best place for someone like me to improve their game. Jordan Young,¬†the director of instruction with Fox Hills, is the man to learn from. He’s the 2012 Michigan teacher of the year. I got the chance to speak with Jordan about his program and all newest technology Fox Hills offers the amateur golfer.

One thing I have learned about golf is you have to be limber, and stretching is such a huge part of the game. Think you can get out of the car and play? Think again. Graham Polakoff, owner of Omni Kinetics, talks below about how stretching can improve your game.

Frank Taylor, who is a client of Graham Polakoff, really thinks the program is a must for anyone who is serious about their golf game.

For all the information about what Fox Hills has to offer click HERE.


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