Is This The Future Of Office Cubicles?

By Theron Dahlerup

Here is what the “office” of the New 97.1 The Ticket looks like. It’s an open aired feeling/look. My only complaint about this layout is the sound level. We like to chat after the show about a ton of things. Sometimes these chats get very, very R-rated and with this new setup we must “tone down” our language, which is understandable due to the corporate environment.

Well, a new product is being tested by a company called MWE, it’s called the Emperor LX. Now this new “office environment” setup lends itself to still fuel my gripe from above… But this setup is so beautifully fantastical that I don’t care about “privacy”!

Check out this video showing off the greatness the MWE is bringing into my life!!!!

P.S. – I hope when they bring in this new system they drop the silly new dress code I have to follow. No shorts allowed in my sauna of a control room…. :(

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