By Jeff Riger


By: Jeff Riger

Everybody has a doppelgänger and if you disagree then you obviously have never seen “How I Met Your Mother”.

A doppelgänger is a look-a-like and if you live long enough or look at enough people you will realize that everyone has a twin. No matter if it’s an exact match or a similarity, there seems to be a pairing for everybody and I think I have found one for Evan Jankens, The Tickets Webmaster.

In the Comerica Park press box, there are many oversized heads of players to remind everybody to vote for them in this year’s All Star game. There is Prince, Miggy, Austin Jackson, Justin Verlander, Torii Hunter and even Jhonny Peralta, who despite steroid allegations is having a very good season. Well it just so happens that Peralta and Jankens are a complete match. I have thought this for quite some time, but as soon as I saw the press box photo it cemented the idea in my mind.

So let’s have some fun! Above is the press box photo of Peralta and the exact same photo of Jankens acting like he is Peralta. Can you tell who is who? I think it might be more difficult than you might think.

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