The Langton Briefs: Can A President Serve More Than 2 Terms?

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DETROIT (WWJ) – Can a president of the United States serve more than two terms?

WWJ’s Legal Analyst Charlie Langton explains further in the Langton Briefs.

I seem to recall from history class that presidents of the U.S. were restricted to serving only two terms.

But Michigan State University College of Law Professor Brian Kalt says it is possible and even legal for presidents to serve beyond two terms.

“No person shall be elected to the office of the president more than twice. Theoretically, if someone served two terms, they could be vice president or further down on the line of succession, and then succeed into the office,” he said.

In Kalt’s book “Constitutional Cliffhangers,” he makes the argument that a popular president can still serve in the government.

The bottom line: Would anyone really want to be president again?

“I think that anyone who wants to be president for eight years, you can’t put it past them that they’ll want to be president for four more,” he said.

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