AUBURN HILLS (WWJ) – A special task force targeted aggressive drivers Tuesday on I-75 in Oakland County. Thirty tickets were issued for speeding. Two of which were for 104 miles per hour. WWJ’s Marie Osborne got a chance to ride along with a member of the Southeast Oakland County Crash Investigation Team (SOCCIT).

What’s the number one culprit behind aggressive driving? Not surprisingly, City of Troy Traffic Safety Officer Frank Shuler said it’s being late. “Everybody is guilty of it at one point in time, because they didn’t allow themselves enough time to get there and that’s usually why they end up speeding or doing aggressive lane changes or cutting in and out of traffic,” he said.

As for excuses and trying to get out of the ticket. Officer Shuler said no excuse is good enough. Does crying work? After a long pause and a smile he said, “no.”

According to SOCCIT, aggressive driving includes speeding, following too closely and improper lane changes.

Funds from a $5,000 grant, awarded in February, covered the cost of the enforcement detail.

Think twice about giving in to road rage. Police are on the lookout and it’s just plain dangerous.

Auburn Hills Police: official website, Facebook, Twitter.


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