By: Bill McAllister

This past Saturday, I attended the Michigan Beerfest at DTE Music Theater and sampled some great beers from around the region and beyond. My favorite has to be Rochester Mills Milkshake Porter, man it was good! Also enjoyed Dragonmead from my hometown of Warren, Michigan as well as beers from New Holland, Founders and Kuhnhenn.

There was a lowlight, however. A listener challenged me to a game of Beer Pong at our 97.1 The Ticket booth. Seems like a simple enough concept, throw a ping pong ball into one of a cluster of cups filled with beer from about ten feet away. Now, this was the second time I’ve played and I really enjoyed the game the first time so I thought…this will be a piece of cake. Not so fast, my friend! I was schooled, to say the least. We played ‘First one to five’ and Listener Jeff buried me before I could sink my second ball and he won a very hard to find 97.1 The Ticket t-shirt.

I guess the only way I’m going to get better is to drink more beer. Oh well, time to hit the bar.


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