By Dan Leach

By: Dan Leach
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(Current Line HEAT -7 Total 191)

Well all you fine NBA fans got what you wanted, well at least most of you. The best “team” is one win away from the title and goes up against the team with the best “player” in a battle of wills. I for one am someone like many of you that is so frustrated and dejected that the NBA has become such a selfish game, full of many great players, but very few that play together as a team. Now the Spurs who have never trailed in any of their 5 NBA Finals series, get a chance to show why “team” basketball still means something.

Many people hate the Heat because of LeBron, many because they thought they could build a team with the players calling the shots instead of management, but if you hate them it should be because they are the embodiment of what is wrong with basketball. Not everyone on the Heat roster is guilty of this , Shane Battier and Udonis Haslem are absolute team guys, but this is why it is so beautiful to watch the Spurs, cause everyone on their roster buys into Coach Pop’s unified, all for one, fundamental-laden basketball.

The Heat are 12-0 since Jan 10th after a loss, so this series is likely going to get to seven games as I predicted all along, but I think game six is going down to the wire. And when you have a player like Danny Green , who I firmly believe in going to win Finals MVP if the Spurs win the title, it is tough to bet against them as all “Danny Boy” does is nail three’s from the Riverwalk.


This series has had some blowouts, but each and every game has had intrigued regardless. This game will be just like the rest in the Heat will bring all they have as they have no room for margin now, but the Spurs seem to really have the medicine at the most important times against the Heat. Look for Green, Parker, and Duncan to have huge games and for LeBron and Wade to counter with monstrous games of their own. As much as so many would love to see a champion crowned on Tuesday night I think we are going seven, but this game could literally come down to the last shot.


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