Searching For Hoffa: Investigators Find Suspicious Concrete Slab (page 2)

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Both women say they’re stunned by Hoffa once again making all the headlines. Lowe said she never thought the search would take place in her neighborhood.

“I never gave it a thought, no. It’s hard to believe it, that he might be there,” she said.

But Speezie said she believes the hype, and for good reason — her aunt sold the property to the Tocco’s, another mobster family.

“After my aunt sold it then, she didn’t know anything about the mob, I mean, they were just people who had the money, it was for sale, and she sold it to them,” she said.

And there’s one place in particular Speezie thinks investigators should focus on.

“The barn. They could have gone right around to the back, backed right up there and it was dirt, inside the barn, it was dirt on this side,” she said. “Nobody would have known a thing, it would be very secretive.”

The search, which is expected to last about a week, will resume Tuesday morning.

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Feds Digging In Oakland Township Searching For Hoffa’s Remains

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