By Jeff Riger

By: Jeff Riger

Orioles’ leadoff man Nate McLouth loves Michigan. McLouth was born in Muskegon and was very close to attending the University of Michigan. “Yeah it was a couple days before classes were supposed to start, I ended up signing with Pittsburgh who drafted me and I always wondered what it would be like if I would have went there” McLouth said.

Despite never attending the University, McLouth has Michigan football season tickets and believes everybody who grows up in the state has to root for the Wolverines. “If you’re from Michigan, you better grow up liking Michigan football” McLouth said. Of course I felt the need to try to stir things up a bit and told him that there are plenty of people who grew up in the state that root for the Spartans. His response was to accuse me of rooting for the Green and White so I quickly told him I too was a Michigan fan.

As soon as McLouth was assured that I am on the same side as him he decided to lay into MSU. “The problem is Michigan State fans will talk about the last four years, the four years in a row that they won but they won’t talk about the 30 before that” McLouth said.

How about that?

Usually athletes from the area, despite rooting for one side, always play the rivalry question right down the middle. You have to respect McLouth for seeming to hate MSU fans as much as the next Wolverine fan.

But is he a Walmart? Like me, he didn’t go to Michigan and he talks trash about Michigan State and their fans. I would think that would qualify him? People call me a Walmart and I gladly wear the title but does the same apply to McLouth? You tell me!

In the meantime check out the entire interview. McLouth talks about his favorite and most sickening Michigan football moment. He also gives his thoughts about Rich Rodriguez.


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