DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – A satirical online video series about Detroit is getting some clicks and laughs.

“Detroit Blank City” is a series of shorts created by 29-year-old Oren Goldenberg to poke fun at what he says are often false representations of what’s going on in the city

“It’s a super complex city and a super complex moment that we’re in,” Goldenberg said. “I think people want something easily tangible. There’s been a lot of narratives created about the city that are really, really whack.”

The first episode of the series satirizes the increasing number of temporary businesses, or “pop-ups,” sprouting in Detroit.   It ends with a character portraying Detroit businessman Dan Gilbert who says, “By the time you finish watching this PSA, I’ve already bought three more buildings. Man this place is cheap.”

Another video posted earlier this year by Goldenberg  — about a fictional effort to raise $500 million to “save the city” — received national attention. The next episode of Detroit Blank City is due out next week.

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