Jim Leyland’s Pet Peeves: Self-Seriousness And …

By: Jeff Riger

Usually when the media gathers in Tigers manager Jim Leyland’s office, most of the chatter is baseball related, however on Tuesday afternoon, the skipper took on a personal tone to share what annoys him the most.

“I have two pet peeves in life, one is (when) you can’t laugh at yourself,” Leyland said.

I know what you’re thinking — Leyland can’t laugh at himself. Turns out, he can.

Usually when fans see Leyland, it is just after a game and win or lose, the manager usually is all business. However, before the game, Leyland often makes fun of how bad he was as a minor league catcher or how he is universally hated for playing the likes of Don Kelly and resting Miguel Cabrera. Sure, the guy has a tendency to blow up, but he is also pretty self deprecating.

By now you might be wondering about Leyland’s second pet peeve? In his above quote he said that he had two. But I can’t write the second one, the written word would not do it justice. So you have to listen for yourself below.

I don’t make guarantees often, but I will guarantee if you listen you will laugh.

I hope I didn’t oversell it. Let me know.

Jim Leyland

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