By: Mike Valenti

With the NBA Draft tonight I figured I’d throw my thoughts out there and like most … get it wrong.

Last year the dream scenario happened where I actually got something right ( and the player was dynamite. Sadly this draft is downright awful and as murky as it gets.

I’m going to do this under the assumption Nerlens Noel, Victor Oladipo, Otto Porter are gone. If somehow one of those guys fell to 5-7 then it’s on Dumars to do everything he can do to move up.


THE DREAM: Unlike last year where I put Andre Drummond in this spot, I’m not sure there is a “dream” scenario. The closest thing to that dream would be Ben McLemore. McLemore is the athletic wing the Pistons so desperately need. While he’s still young and sometimes maddeningly passive, he is exactly what the franchise needs and a nice prize to rival Oladipo as the premiere wing player in the entire draft.

THE NIGHTMARE: Panic sets in and Joe starts sweating; if somehow some way both Burke and Carter-Williams go all while the Top 5 goes McLemore, Noel, Len, Oladipo and Porter — That would leave the Pistons in a high risk area of unknown. Would Lehigh guard C.J. McCollum be the answer? I simply cannot tell you that with any authority. Lehigh? Would UNLV stud Frosh. Anthony Bennett? Depends on whether he shows up to camp at 255 or the 280 he is sporting now. On certain nights I love Bennett. He flashes quickness down low with power, demands the ball and is a commanding presence. Oh and he can step out to 20-feet and drill a jumper. Others? He needs an EKG to see if his heart is still there. So raw, so young, yet this draft has him as high as No.4 overall.

THE REALITY: Trey Burke come on down. Maybe I’m way off here but this team needs a PG, needs to sell tickets and Dumars is absolutely more comfortable with Trey Burke as a player and person than any other prospect in this horrific draft. The issue? You cannot play Burke and Knight together, unless of course you want to give up 200 points. The problem is the guy with the measurable (Michael Carter-Williams) is the guy who isn’t ready and has some serious questions on his fire. Burke is fiery, competitive and talented…but tiny.

I’m more perplexed by this draft than any I can remember. I’d kill for Oladipo or McLemore but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Best thing you have going for you is this draft stinks and there are some horrible teams drafting ahead of you with new front offices. The screw-up factor has helped the last two years. Should be a fun evening.

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