VAN BUREN TOWNSHIP — Ricardo Inc., the Michigan-based U.S. subsidiary of England’s Ricardo plc, says its Extreme Boosted Direct Injection engine has the potential to deliver diesel-like efficiency for ethanol combustion.

During the Ethanol Summit in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Thomas Apostolos, president of Ricardo Inc, presented a technology approach wherein an EBDI engine achieved diesel like fuel efficiency from a spark ignited engine.

Torque performance characteristics were also similar to that of a diesel across a broad range of engine speeds, when running on E85.

Apostolos presented these Ricardo technologies during the plenary session “Scenarios 2020: The Evolution of Flex Fuel Technology” at this year’s Ethanol Summit. The Summit is a global gathering held every two years since 2007 and dedicated to in-depth discussions about renewable energies, with special emphasis on sugarcane-based energies and products.

Apostolos told the audience: “Ethanol fuel properties make it possible to match diesel efficiency. Ethanol and CNG together, in a dual-fuel direct injection application, offer a huge opportunity for the large and heavy duty engine industry.”

In addition, he noted Ricardo’s long history and understanding of ethanol, with research in alcohol blended fuel dating back to the 1920s .

“Engines and ethanol are part of Ricardo’s genetic makeup, he said. “We understand this industry, and continue to stay on the leading edge of developments in this area.”

Ricardo plc is a global, multi-industry consultancy for engineering, technology, project innovation and strategy that employs more than 2,300 professional engineers, consultants and staff.

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