BROOKLYN, Mich. (WWJ) –  State health officials say they’ve pinpointed what sickened more than 200 people following an event late last month at the Michigan International Speedway.

The Michigan Department of Community Health says they received call after call from spectators and participants of the “Tough Mudder” competition — which involves people running and crawling through mud, along with jumping over logs and other obstacles.

The callers, numbers more than 200, complained about  “gastrointestinal symptoms,” after the event held in Brooklyn, Mich. June 30-31.

On Friday, officials said lab tests have confirmed that norovirus was the culprit.

Health officials say there is no specific medication to treat norovirus. Ill persons are urged to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration and visit their doctor if they are concerned about their illness.

Race attendees are asked to stay home for at least 48-72 hours after their symptoms subside in order to help stop the spread of the outbreak.

In addition, health officials say contaminated area such as bathrooms should be frequently disinfected with bleach-based cleaners. Those infected should not prepare for or share food or drinks, and soiled clothing and linens should be washed immediately in hot water.

Officials say norovirus outbreaks are common. Since January 1, 2013, 119 suspected outbreaks of norovirus have been reported in Michigan.

Anyone who attended the Tough Mudder event who has questions about norovirus should contact their local health department. More information on norovirus is available from the state at this link.

The Tough Mudder competition involves people running and crawling through mud, along with jumping over logs and other obstacles.


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