Clownie has entered the Big Brother house! Are you excited for the newest edition to the house or slightly frightened? As the saying goes or should go, “If you don’t have nothing nice to say and you’re living in the Big Brother house, it will be heard on the live feeds.” Aaryn’s actions spoke louder than words! This week we see that Aaryn is out for blood and David’s eviction.

Elissa’s Loss Is Aaryn’s Gain

By escaping eliminations, I would have thought Elissa would win the HOH competition. However they threw the twist of being put in pairs. As we saw David’s eviction, it was interesting to see Nick consoling Gina Marie because Nick actually voted to evict David. It’s always fun to see the houseguests appear two faced in the game. I agree with Helen that this is a classic Big Brother game. They’ve used this similar competition in many seasons past. Now an interesting controversy that many live feed watchers noticed was that Jeremy & Aaryn had apparently cheated. As told by Julie, you could only hand off the sauce from cup to cup. The controversy was Jeremy & Aaryn swapping cups to save time and lead to their win. However this could be speculation but if there was some cheating you would think (and hope) the producers would notice and take the proper action.

In the end, Jeremy made a noble and smart move giving the HOH to Aaryn. This may have also hurt him because of the MVP nomination but Jeremy knew he would be safe with Aaryn and would be the icing on the cake for Aaryn to seek revenge on David’s eviction. I was surprised to see how well Judd & Nick did during the competition. Smart to go for the bigger cup but could have cost them a bit of time. I won’t be surprised to see Judd or Nick starting to play for power in the coming weeks when the number of houseguests dwindle.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Now the fact that Aaryn was on a witch hunt after the competition to find out who voted for David’s eviction, was not one of her best moves in the competition because it showed Aaryn playing on emotions when Aaryn should be playing the game. I definitely think Aaryn got a little power-hungry once she won HOH because we find out that she was also able to choose who’s a “Have Not,” for the week. Keeping with the theme to avenge David’s eviction she selects Elissa, Helen, Andy & Candice. However Candice didn’t vote to evict David and Aaryn couldn’t see that Candice was being truthful. Liver and lima beans was “America’s Choice,” I was disappointed that it wasn’t oysters and okra.

Another classic tradition of Big Brother is seeing the HOH room. I was laughing that Amanda was creeped out by Clownie entering the Big Brother house in Aaryn’s HOH room. Granted clowns could be scary for some but for Aaryn it was a  little piece of home for her. Maybe this gives us some insight to her home life, it was a clown house? Whatever the case, hopefully we’ll see Clownie get some air time. I was glad to see that Elissa knew that she didn’t need to stay long, since her impeding nomination would be a certain for the week.

I hope Aaryn realizes the cameras are always watching. Now even though Aaryn was being spotlighted for her hurtful words it would be good to know that Gina Marie, Spencer, Jeremy and the now evicted David have said some things that weren’t so great as well. It’s sad to hear theses things on the live feeds and then have some shown on air, but it opens up the conversation. I just wished those who heard other houseguests say hurtful things would stand up and say that it isn’t right, as oppose to saying it in the diary room. Be the change and don’t let hurtful words continue to spread. It’s good to know that CBS did make a statement to remind viewers that they don’t approve of what has been said. As Dan Gheesling (@DanGheesling) tweeted about the anticipation of Julie Chen (@JulieChen) interviewing Aaryn.

Who Can Aaryn Trust?

Spencer thinks that Jeremy has some sort of leeway in who should be nominated. Now it should be noted that Jeremy says he’s going to be a “puppet master” at this stage of the game. It’s only been 14 days in the house and Jeremy thinks he’s already manipulating? Jeremy has a lot to learn but in his eyes he seems himself as a confident player in the game. To give Jeremy credit, I would agree a little bit for the fact he didn’t fight to be HOH and just hand the power to Aaryn; Jeremy knows he’s safe from nominations for Aaryn and he has his alliance the Moving Company.

Now even though Aaryn may want Elissa out, the Moving Company wants to see Amanda get the boot. Jeremy made a nice attempt in getting Amanda nominated but at the end of the day it’s Aaryn’s decision. I was glad to see Helen playing the game and talking with Aaryn. Helen really tried to tell Aaryn that she would be an asset for her later in the game. Which I would agree with and when playing the game, as many former houseguests have said you want to play a week ahead and look for ways to keep yourself safe. However Aaryn wasn’t buying anything Helen was saying and we see Helen put on the block with Elissa. I can’t believe that Aaryn’s reasoning was because Helen was a strong female player but left the boys not nominated. If previous seasons have taught us, it would be wise for the ladies to evict the guys before the guys evict the ladies. Out of the 14 winners of Big Brother more than nine have been guys, while only five ladies have won and not female has one against a male in the finals.

Prediction For MVP & MVP’s Nominations

It’s safe to assume Elissa will win BBMVP for a second week in a row and I hope she puts up Nick. Even though Elissa didn’t put him up last week, it would be smart to put Nick up this week because Elissa realizes Nick is a threat to her game. Other houseguests, who aren’t apart of the Moving Alliance are starting to see Nick as a threat as well. Even though I see Nick possibly winning this game, he definitely has a target on his back.

Prediction For POV Winner

I think Elissa will win this veto competition and get herself off the block, forcing Aaryn to nominate someone else. However if the BBMVP Nomination were to win, then it’ll be interesting to see who the BBMVP will put up as the replacement nominee.

Reminder that starting this week and moving forward with the rest of the season, “Live Evictions,” move from Wednesdays to Thursdays. So when tuning into CBS Detroit 62, Big Brother will be on Thursdays at 9pm and Sundays & Wednesdays at 8pm. Also Dan’s, “Watch with Dan,” will move to Thursday’s as well starting at 8:45pm at

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email


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