By Mike Campbell

SOUTHGATE (WWJ) – Some Downriver residents are concerned that an ongoing construction project might have unknowingly unleashed a horde of rats near their homes.

Todd Parvin, whose 75-year-old mother lives on Venness Street in Southgate, said the rodents started coming around after construction started on nearby Fort Street.

“They tore up the sewers and I guess it drove the rats out,” he said. “We’re talking anywhere from eight to 12 inches long. Good sized animals.”

Parvin told WWJ’s Mike Campbell that he has contacted the city, but isn’t sure they know how to control the situation.

“All the neighbors, we’ve been in contact with the board of health, we’ve called the mayor’s office. The city council says they’re aware of the problem, but I don’t think they really know what to do with it,” he said.

“They can’t put out any poison because of the animals around and children that play in the area, so I think they’re stumped and it’s a big expense to have pest control out here for each of the homeowners,” he added.

The city says sealing trash containers, keeping grass cut, and clearing yards of garbage and debris are good defenses against the venerable vermin.

MDOT says the $40 million road work project should be completely finished by winter 2013.


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