By: Mike Stone

Some random thoughts which may or not make sense highlight this edition of the Six-Pack.

1. Josh Smith does make the Pistons better, but I still think they are no better than 9th or 10th in the East. My worry is they will not be bad enough to keep their draft pick that goes to Charlotte if it’s not in the top 8. I am not suggesting they tank the season, but if they are not going to have a shot at winning a playoff series, why not just be real bad

2. I saw a suggested move that would be a bold one by the Tigers. Trade a prospect to the Giants for Tim Lincecum, who is a free agent after the season. Remember how good he was out of the San Francisco bullpen in last year’s post season. Plus, if any starter got injured he could move right in. I would not give up the farm, but it’s a call Dave Dombrowski should check out if the Giants are in a selling mode come the trade deadline.

3. The Wings upgraded their team with the signings of Daniel Alfredsson and Steven Weiss, but I think some hockey experts are going overboard with the kudos. I still think they need another quality defenseman and why are they not buying out either Mikael Samuelsson or Todd Bertuzzi. Those two should just retire. I am sad to see Damien Brunner leave, but will be sadder if they sign Dan Cleary to a multi-year contract. How are Cleary and multi-year pact even mentioned in the same sentence?

4.Ron Jaworski has rated Matthew Stafford as the 16th best starting quarterback in the NFL. I think that is accurate. He had one good season and one not so good season. I do think it is interesting that the quarterback class of 2012 ( Luck,RGIII,Kaeppernick,and Wilson) are all ranked higher than Stafford. The four of them did have better years than Stafford, but does one year guarantee they will be better this season?

5. Tiger players love Ramon Santiago, but I am sorry the Tigers should seriously look into getting a better utility infielder. Wouldn’t someone like Nick Punto or even Placido Polanco be an improvement over Santiago?

6. Hey the Pistons re-signed Will Bynum for two seasons. The Will Bynum Experience is back.


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