By Ron Dewey
(credit: Bill Szumanski/WWJ)

(credit: Bill Szumanski/WWJ)

WYANDOTTE (WWJ) – Artists from 30 states and Canada are at the Wyandotte Street Art Fair, going on now in the downtown business district.

Roberta Harris of Flat Rock is an abstract artist.

“When you look at my paintings, two or three times a day you’ll see something different in it,” Harris said. “Some people see trees, some people see animals, some people see water life — and I just do a mixture of things.”

Among the 250 exhibitors showing their works along Biddle Avenue, Harris has been part of the show the past eight years.

“I love the Wyandotte Art Fair,” Harris said. “I wish that hopefully they would have more fine artists come here. I love the fine arts, and Wyandotte  has always been my favorite place to set up.”

One of the more interesting displays at this year’s event is from Lori Carleton of Minnesota. She’s selling sculptures of herons and other water fowl made from metal and field stones.

(credit: Ron Dewey/WWJ)

(credit: Ron Dewey/WWJ)

“My brother-in-law was just kind of sick of the plastic flamingos and that kind of thing, and so he started making these for my sister for something just a little tasteful,” said Carleton. “And so the neighbors started asking if he would make them and that’s not it got started.”

Christine Greene, a Ferndale-native ceramic artist, is a long-time participant of the show — even though she’s now based in Gainesville, Florida.

She explained some of her wares to WWJ Newsradio 950’s Ron Dewey.

“This is outdoor sculpture that’s primarily fun stuff. These are solar torches. They light up inside; they have faces, nature themes. They go on poles, but you can also use it on a tiki torch,” Greene said.

The show, which runs through Sunday, July 14, is one of the biggest in Michigan and attracts over 150,000 people.

The art fair is open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. with entertainment from noon to 11 p.m.  There are also special activities for the kids.

Get more information at this link

(credit: Ron Dewey/WWJ)

(credit: Ron Dewey/WWJ)


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