Karsch and Anderson want the ladies to show us how a first pitch is really done. Send your video to our webmaster Evan Jankens at evan.jankens@cbsradio.com, and show us how you can throw the ball better then Carly Rae.

By Sara

We have a winner, folks!  Pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen (“Call Me Maybe”) is now the title holder for “Worst First Pitch” to open a baseball game.  Oh sure, others have tried to grab the title.  You may remember when Olympian Carl Lewis gave it shot in 2003 and failed miserably.

Michigan’s own Denard Robinson looked pretty rough this April when he threw short, and into the dirt.  Mariah Carey just didn’t give a damn, and wore super high heels on the mound (she also may not have known where she was at the time).

But the universal winner of first pitch suckage, has long been thought to be the Mayor of Cincinnati. Mark Mallory walked out with a big smile, did a strange little shuffle, and then basically threw the ball COMPLETELY sideways.

But now…the new kid on the block…coming in at 5’2″…CARLY RAE JEPSEN!

I guess the good news is that she looked adorable, and it put her back in the headlines.

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