By: Karsch and Anderson

1. Sharkdashian – NBA players beware. From JJ in Ann Arbor
2. Tebowaconstrictor – Tim Tebow & boa constrictors. Unnamed Texter
3. Duquido – A killer duck and a killer mosquito. Unnamed Texter
4. Chelephant – Size and strength of an elephant mixed with the speed and agility of a cheetah. From @Texas_Grande
5. CockDiesel – A killer chicken that’s big as a super duty truck that run on Diesel fuel. Steve from Troy
6. Gerbalzilla – It attacks Philly. Rocky saves the day. Unnamed Texter
7. Giraffstitute – Lady of the night that is really worth the money. From Jeff
8. ThunderSkunk – Combine a thunderstorm & skunk. This movie would stink, literally. Adam from Westland
9. Wamster – Wolf and a hamster. Unnamed Texter
10. DogZilla- Dogzilla Tagline is “Man’s best friend…really??” Unnamed Texter


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