By Greg Bowman

FERNDALE (WWJ) –  Finding a job can be tough for anyone, especially if you’re a teen searching for that first summer job. What’s the secret in getting hired?

Kyrsten Rue at the Ferndale Career Center told WWJ that attitude has a lot to do with it.

“I really think it has a lot to do with attitude and going in with a positive outlook, and being really excited about working,” said Rue. “That makes a big difference. Young people who are really excited and outwardly vocal about their interest in working, tend to fare all right when they are going out looking for jobs.”

Rue says networking can also be a big help in finding a job.

“Make sure you tell everyone you know that you’re looking for work,” said Rue. “Utitilize those social media pages and say ‘Hey if any of my friends are working and you know that your boss is looking for extra help, get in touch with me.’ Just make sure you’re using all your resources.”

And what about resumes? Do teens really need a resume when they’re looking for a job? Rue says more employers are asking for resumes, even for teens looking for a summer job. She works with teens to put one together that will show off the teen’s skills and background.

“Even if they don’t have work experience, if they have any volunteer experience, maybe some skills they’ve gained from their school work,” said Rue. “We can generally put something together that shows off their skills and abilities are, even if they don’t have paid experience.”

Rue adds that the old tried and true advice about dressing for success really works. So wearing a nice skirt or a shirt and tie to your job interview may leave a favorable impression, and even get you hired.

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