ROYAL OAK (CBS 62) – Heat and humidity have descended on Metro Detroit. With temperatures consistently above 90 degrees — the Detroit Zoo is treating its animals to creative programs aimed at keeping them cool nicknamed “Cold Play.”

Environmental enrichment is provided daily at the Detroit Zoo to enhance animal habitats and make them more dynamic and engaging. It includes the introduction of novel and sometimes unpredictable elements such as objects, sounds, scents or other stimuli that give the animals the opportunity to express choice and control in their environments and to make decisions, express individuality and behave in species-typical ways.

Anteaters get a gentle shower from a sprinkler at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak on July 17, 2013. A heat wave has triggered a summertime ritual for the zoo animals aimed at keeping them cool and stimulated during the dog days of summer. (credit: George Fox/CBS Detroit)

Anteaters get a gentle shower from a sprinkler. (credit: George Fox/CBS Detroit)

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Our tour included visits to otters, anteaters, polar bears, snow monkeys and warthogs.

The otters, polar bears, and snow monkeys all received ice treats to hunt down and play with. The otters enjoyed smelt and carrots while the snow monkeys got maple ice with watermelon.

A polar bear dove into the water to retrieve two five-gallon bucket shaped frozen treats.

For admission details or more information, call (248) 541-5717 or visit

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