By: Evan Jankens

This is the week of the Open Championship. All eyes will be on Tiger Woods as he is trying to win his first major in 5 years — but Phil Mickelson did manage to steal some of his spotlight. Coming off a win at the Scottish Open, Phil impressed the crowds during a practice round on Monday.

During Mickelson’s practice round, he made one of the more unique shots I have ever seen. Phil had his ball on a hill next to the green. The typical shot would be to just run the ball off the hill and hope for the best. But Mickelson takes the opposite approach. He hits the ball into the hill to pop it up over his head and land the ball on the green. That’s right, he hit the ball backwards to land it on the green. Let me know if you think this is one of the better trick shots you have ever seen on Twitter @KingoftheKC.


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