By: Bill McAllister

Having never been to the annual monstrosity that is Comic Con in San Diego, I was more than impressed with the whole presentation. You see so much just walking up to the San Diego Convention Center. Everything from TV show exhibit’s like “Vikings” on the History Channel to the multitude of hot girls dressed as your favorite movie, TV show and comic book characters. Here’s Adrianne Curry talking to the kid from “Up”.


We started Friday by attempting to get into the “Walking Dead” panel…fat chance. Hall H holds 8000 people; there are 130,000 people who want to get in. You better camp out the night before if you want to get in. We heard stories from people who waited nine hours to maybe get in. We couldn’t get in but we did get a picture of Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus getting a picture of us getting a picture of them.


The panels typically consist of the stars of the shows talking about upcoming seasons and episodes as well as answering questions from the fans. We sat in on HBO’s True Blood panel but the three coolest panels were for Futurama, The Simpsons and Family Guy. They showed clips, acted out scenes and Matt Groening announced there would not only be a Simpsons/Futurama crossover but a Simpsons/Family Guy crossover also.


I’ve always wanted to attend, so my wife and I decided this will be our one big vacation…for the next couple of years. The convention itself is the cheapest part of the trip ($42 a day) but the hotels and concession stands (“mmm, that’s the best $4.50 bottle of water I’ve ever had!”) definitely take full advantage of the fact that you need them more than they need you. That being said, I would go again. The idea that you’re walking through the convention center and there’s Tom Cruise and there goes Sandra Bullock and there’s Samuel L. Jackson buying a pretzel…hope he brought enough cash.


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