By Jeff Gilbert

DETROIT (WWJ) – Ford Motor Co. says it’s going to need about 800 more salaried workers than it initially anticipated as they see car and truck sales growing faster than first thought.

“We are growing,” says Ford Vice President of Human Resources Felicia Fields.  “But, we’re gonna grow in a smart way.  We’re gonna grow in a competitive way.”

Ford now plans to add 3,000 salaried jobs this year bout half of those have already been filled, but 1,500 openings remain.

They are looking for people with specific technical and engineering skills.  Fields said these kinds of workers are also in great demand by the tech industry.

Ford will reach out with recruiting campaigns using social media.

“We’re going to continue to step up our efforts,” said Fields. “We’re gonna continue to improve our outreach.  Frankly, we want those talented people to come to Ford.”

Ford will be filling openings across the country.   But, Fields said the “vast majority” of the positions will be in the Detroit area.

Fields said it’s often difficult to get new recruits to consider jobs in Michigan.  But, she said once they come here, they don’t want to leave.

This is a rapid change for a company that cut 13,000 salaried jobs during the recession.

“We’ve never lost focus on what that felt like, and what that meant,” said Fields.  “So, we’re very excited to be growing again.”

But, Fields said, very few of the new positions will be filled by bringing back people who were cut during the downturns.  Ford’s needs have changed a lot in the past five years, she said.

“It’s incredibly different. That’s what makes it difficult in the sense that it’s more diverse; it’s more challenging; it’s more complex. But we’re finding a lot of people in other industries who have an interest in automotive,” Fields said.

Ford is also in the process of hiring 12,000 new manufacturing employees by 2015.   A company spokesman said all of the manufacturing positions that had been open in the Detroit area have been filled.

Those interested in applying for one of the salaried positions can find out more information at


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