By Mark Drum

I am really sad to see Howard go from the house. He tried playing an honest game but lacked the fight to persuade houseguests to vote out a stronger player, Amanda. Please tell me I’m not the only one that felt sick hearing about the McManda engagement because that just exuded showmance. I really enjoyed the comments from my last recap! Thanks to those who comment, I appreciate you taking the time and reading. Thursday’s episode proved that there are houseguests controlling this house and they sent Howard packing.

Spencer Tries To Save Howard

Smart move to go to the “underlings” Spencer, but the biggest downfall was trying to trust Andy. Ironically the next scene after Spencer discusses with Andy about voting Amanda out, Andy rushes to tell Amanda, which is a typical floater move. I want to like Andy and his “floater” strategy but I’d rather see Andy win competitions and be put on the block to fight for his safety then enjoy his life vest. Amanda has a slight panic, but I was hoping for waterworks and a fight to go down. Andy was able to defuse the situation and get Amanda back in the game.

Amanda is definitely playing way to confidently and putting threats out on the table. I’m glad to see Spencer not take Amanda’s bullying and calling her out. To continue to stir the pot, Helen overheard the conversation of Spencer and Amanda, then went and told Candice to ruin Spencer’s game. I feel bad for Candice, Spencer was trying to be on her side but was blinded by her emotional anger. Even Dan Gheesling tweeted that Spencer was trying to help not only Howard but also Candice. Calling an ally out was not a great move on Candice. She should leave funeral type speeches to veteran players.

My Top Three Houseguests

  1. Helen – The game of Big Brother is about making it to the end to possibly win $500,000. But to get there they have to evict houseguests who will in turn eventually decide the winner. For Helen she’s been working hard to get out strong players she feels threatened by. I applaud her for her efforts, but I worry that she will soon feel the wrath of the other houseguests. Helen may have been able to manipulate Aaryn, however next week is a new week. Expect her name to be considered to be put up the block if she’s not HOH.
  2. McCrae – Sitting pretty with a strong alliance and isn’t considered a threat. This is can soon change since it’s been announced that McManda was engaged. Could this be more than a showmance? If so, then expect McCrae and Amanda to be targeted next. I’m also waiting for McCrae to pay up for guessing incorrectly of who the BBMVP was this past week. McCrae owes a kabajillion dollars.
  3. Amanda – Jury members will be coming in a few weeks and so Amanda has continually worked to get strong players out, like Helen has. Amanda may have not been HOH or win POV or BBMVP, she still has a strong influence with houseguests. Being able to keep her emotions in check and getting to the source of threats to her game have helped her advice in this game. Though a word of caution would be her showmance and her overly confidence. Also who announces a showmance engagement? I won’t be surprised to see footage of this engagement and proposal. Expect me to just roll my eyes and not really care about their fake engagement.

My Bottom Three Houseguests

  1. Jessie – If Candice were to win HOH, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jessie changes her attitude towards her. Jessie epitomizes a floater this season. Just hopping to whoever is in power and I’m just not a fan of floaters.
  2. GinaMarie – GinaMarie’s only ally would be Aaryn, but that’s not seeing much since America isn’t a fan of Aaryn. I wouldn’t be surprised if Aaryn is nominated next week if GinaMarie doesn’t win HOH. I’d like to see GinaMarie fight to win the HOH competition.
  3. Andy – Hey may have a great social game, but he’s on the bottom of list of houseguests because he’s a floater. I’m not a fan of floaters and I just hope they sink or swim in this game.

Prediction Of The Winner Of Next Week’s HOH

Did anyone else gasp but also laugh when Elissa beefed on the treadmill, then magically saved herself from falling off? I really enjoyed Julie Chen’s comment, I guess I should do more yoga if I want to save myself from falling off a rolling treadmill. Dan Gheesling’s pick to win HOH – GinaMarie. I was shocked by this choice because GinaMarie hasn’t been very competitive and has been laying low. For Dan, he sees GinaMarie as a dark horse in the competition. But I personally hope Candice wins HOH to shake up the house. But I have a feeling the winner will be McCrae because of his performance from first HOH competition which also happened to be an endurance competition. Though McCrae could also be tempted with the money and decide he feels safe for the upcoming week to throw the competition.

Predictions For Nominations

There are only three guys left, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ladies started figuring this out. If any of the guys don’t win HOH I can expect Judd and Spencer to be nominated. Andy is currently safe, but won’t be safe for too much longer after Judd or Spencer.

My Choice For BBMVP Nomination

So my choice would be Amanda, her goodbye message to Howard was a low blow and uncaring. Janelle Pierzina even Tweeted that she wants Amanda to be the BBMVP nominations. But a dark horse for nomination would be Aaryn since she is not liked as much as Amanda (if not more).

I look forward to seeing the completion of the competition on Sunday at 8:02 p.m. on CBS 62. A friendly reminder, 60 minutes this Sunday is actually 61 minutes. So expect a slight delay of the show.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email


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