DETROIT (WWJ) – If you’ve ever been in a bad accident, you hope someone at least calls 911. During Friday morning’s rush hour, one good Samaritan in Detroit did a lot more than that.

Prashanth Senthil — a second year Internal Medicine resident at Sinai-Grace Hospital — realized he was first on the scene of a three-vehicle crash on Jefferson Avenue in front of the Renaissance Center.

(credit: Jennie Miller)

(credit: Jennie Miller)

According to officials at the Detroit Medical Center, Senthil immediately sprung into action, using his car to block traffic, then rushing to triage and attend to four injured victims.

“I wanted to really be, honestly, a good human,” Senthil told WWJ Health Reporter Sean Lee. “I didn’t see any emergency vehicles on site. I know I’ve had a little bit of training that I could put to use. I felt like this was something I needed to get myself immediately involved in.”

Other bystanders pitched in to help, including a DMC nurse.

Senthil stayed on-scene until EMS arrived about 40 minutes later to take them to the hospital — and then he went to work.

“Thanks to his quick action several victims received prompt medical attention,” said DMC spokesman Andrea V. Taylor, in a statement.

No further information was immediately available about the crash or those injured.

(credit: Jennie Miller)

(credit: Jennie Miller)


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