By: Sara

Jimmy Fallon might not be the best interviewer in late night, but his sketches and musical bits are the best in the biz. I love the backstage, before the show music remixes that he has done over the last year with The Roots and people like Mariah Carey and Carly Rae Jepson. I didn’t think Fallon could top the one with Christina Aguilera, where everyone played office supplies as instruments. If you can rock out with coffee pot drums and a stapler, then you are my musical hero!

This time around Jimmy grabbed Robin Thicke and they recreated “Blurred Lines” using only instruments that you would find in an elementary school classroom.

I love the joy on everyone’s faces when they get to go back to their childhood. They even had a cowbell up in that joint! When I was a kid, the instrument that everyone wanted to play during music class was the xylophone, but I think I spotted my new favorite in this video. The guy in the corner is playing a “banana shaker”. Awesome! Even better than a maraca!


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