By Mark Drum

Howard is out the door and most of America was looking for a new favorite player. Jessie looks to be that new favorite player because she’s fighting against Amanda and that makes me like Jessie even more. I’m delighted to see McManda starting to crumble as a power couple because they were getting way too comfortable for me. What was going on with that nomination ceremony? I hope the producers explain why Judd was cracking up so bad during the nomination ceremony in the next episode. Part of me felt like that was rude and another part of me thought it was ridiculous how horrible GinaMarie was trying to explain her nominations. This Staten Island lady definitely has some blonde ambitions but more importantly just wants some hair dye.

Hair Dye & Benefits

GinaMarie was throwing deals left and right just for the sake of getting hair dye? McCrae was a fool not to give up sooner because GinaMarie was practically telling McCrae he would be HOH without the title. But McCrae didn’t like the off chance he or Amanda would be nominated so he fought the Staten Island lady. I was surprised at how short the competition went, it only lasted a little over an hour and a half. I was expecting it to go longer but it seemed like after the live show the houseguests started falling off like flies. Dan Gheesling was right in predicting that GinaMarie would win. I was really hoping for Candice to win.

I’m curious as to what Nick thinks about being a part of GinaMarie’s HOH pictures. They only knew each other for less than a month and somehow GinaMarie was over the moon with the picture. Andy was right about GinaMarie’s HOH, it was pretty much for a 15-year-old. The “prizes” given out during the HOH competition, I was really hoping for two consequences. Glad to at least see Candice get something out of being nominated and what looks to be her last week in the house by randomly selecting the correct box that had the $5,000. It would have been funny to see either Helen or Spencer get a unitard. However the bullhorn was a nice new touch.

Jessie Calls Out Andy

If you’re not a subscriber of the live feeds, you should really consider getting it because that’s when a lot of the Big Brother game happens. With the live feeds there isn’t edits and you see exactly how things happened. You see especially Andy who I consider as a Strategic Floater be in everyone’s conversations and seems to be everyone’s friend. Even though Jessie was having a moment about not being selected to the BBQ, we’re given another great opportunity to see Andy be the rat he is telling McManda what is going on. I’m beginning to think Andy doesn’t realize that even though he says to McManda to not say he told them, it all comes back to him, like karma.

So we finally see Jessie the floater actually playing the game. It just took Jessie being pushed by the overly confident Amanda that we see Jessie’s competitive fire spark. Seeing Jessie call out Andy for backstabbing her trust, shows how Andy can’t be trusted and how Amanda continues to play this game with her emotions. Amanda was definitely giving tough love to Jessie, but Amanda has been giving many houseguests tough love. This continual pattern starts to get old and definitely struck a nerve in Jessie. Throughout this conflict, McCrae is trying to stay out of the situation and get Amanda to see the conflict in a game perspective. McManda is starting to crumble, which makes me happy because McCrae is definitely being hindered by Amanda’s emotional gameplay and pushing too much of her agenda to the house.

Amanda & Helen Run The Big Brother House

As much as I dislike Amanda’s gameplay she’s definitely dominating how the house is being run along side Helen. Both ladies are pushing their agenda’s to the houseguests but in different ways. One thing is certain about both ladies, in the next few weeks when evicted houseguests become jury members, expected these two ladies to have huge targets to get sent out of the house. It America was deciding the nominations, both Amanda and Helen would be nominated. Luckily for them America will only have one nomination this week. It was interesting to see the edit Helen got during this episode of how she sees herself furthering in the game. Which as much as she seems to have a lot of influence in the house, Helen’s professional background is proving to be an asset for her in this game. Helen is definitely campaigning to win this game, while Amanda is trying to sell herself to the others that she deserves to win like she does in real estate houses. With Thursday’s impending double eviction, it’ll be great to see how quick these two will go at it making deals and conversations in less than a hour.

My Prediction For America’s BBMVP Nomination

Amanda is the clear choice but as I said before Aaryn is a close second. I wouldn’t be surprised if Helen is in this mix too because of how confident she’s been playing.

POV Winner And Replacement Nominee Prediction

With the current nominations and including the HOH, I think Jessie may come up with the win because she’s fighting to stay in the house after having a feud with Amanda and being called out by GinaMarie being a “flip-flopper.” I wouldn’t count Candice out either, but seeing both these ladies from last weeks competition, it’ll be interesting to see if they can redeem themselves from the puzzle competitions. I would be surprised if GinaMarie wins POV because I expect this weeks competition to be a timed memory event. If either Jessie or Candice is taken off the block the obvious nomination would be Elissa, since Aaryn would like to see her exit the house, but knows Elissa is Helen’s number one confidant. If the BBMVP Nominee is taken off, it will be interesting to see who America chose after the first nomination.

Wednesday’s shaping up to be an interesting episode. Will we see Amanda get nominated again by the BBMVP and start going on another witch hunt? This season is definitely shaping to be a ladies finale. With only Judd, Spencer, Andy and McCrea left, hopefully these men can band together to get the ladies out of the house. Tune in at 8 p.m. on CBS 62 to see all the craziness unfold.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email


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