By Jamie Samuelsen

By: Jamie Samuelsen

No. This is not an old post. And this is not a mistake.
We appear to be heading down the same road that we spent so much time on last season. The first shot has been fired in the Miguel Cabrera vs. Mike Trout debate. And by the first shot, I actually mean the 5,345,578th shot. How many times did we debate this in 2012? How many articles were written? How many tweets were sent out?

Too many.

And it’s all starting over again.’s Jared Cross wrote an article this week that Trout deserves the MVP award over Cabrera ( Yes it has a lot to do with Sabermetrics. No it will not change your mind. And yes it will make you really annoyed if you’re a Tiger fan.
So what do you think? Who deserves the 2013 A.L. MVP?


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